Meredith Elder she/they
Painting, Poems / Design & Creative Consulting
Commissions open. Happy to show a portfolio on graphic design, logo or illustration on request.
I am a full-time artist residing in Atlanta, GA. I spent many years juggling my practice while working full-time in the hospitality industry, serving and bartending in Athens and Atlanta. While that chapter of my life is still dear to me, I’m happy to say I now split my time as a creative consultant for a main client, and use the rest of my working time to paint personal works for sale, commissions and murals for hire.
My interests include being outside - walking, biking or hiking. I grew up in the mountains of Northeast GA, so nature is a requirement for my psyche. Otherwise, you’ll find me drinking/studying wine (as I can’t seem to shake my passions for food and bev) watching Naruto and hanging out with my cat, Nikki. Other creative outlets include performance, poetry and power tools and other aspirations include underwater welding and trucking. 😈​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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